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So Close to Home, by James Blish: A Review

Some of the first science fiction that I read, in my youth, consisted of the twelve volumes of adaptations of the original series of Star Trek, as written, almost exclusively, by American science fiction writer James Blish. So while I … Continue reading

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The Man Who Was Thursday, by G.K. Chesterton: A Review

I didn’t really intend to re-read The Man Who Was Thursday, which I last read in the mid-90s. But I’ve spent the last week or so┬ámoving books around in one of those nightmarish shelving reorganizations, the kind which I think … Continue reading

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Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach: A Short Review

I received a postcard from a publisher recently, and the advertised content, I have to say, was not as interesting to me as the postage that they used to send it. Instead of a boring postage meter, or one of … Continue reading

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The Horn of Mortal Danger, by Lawrence Leonard: A Short Review

I’m not making it a habit on this blog to review what little juvenile literature that I read (although there will be a few exceptions to this rule), but The Horn of Mortal Danger is such a curious tale. I’m … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Solar Pons, by August Derleth: A Review

A sadly inferior knock-off of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Solar Pons is here presented in twelve tales as a sort of successor to Conan Doyle’s great fictional detective. August Derleth, the Wisconsinite founder of the legendary publisher Arkham House, was … Continue reading

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Better Off Without ‘Em, by Chuck Thompson: A Review

Sometimes, the picture that you draw from reading an author’s book is just as compelling as the book itself. In this case, both Chuck Thompson and his book come off as the sort of boy that we all knew at … Continue reading

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Ace Double: The 100th Millennium / Edge of Time: A Review

The Ace Double Novels were one of those curious phenomena in American publishing. I’m sure there must be other examples of similar books from other countries, but I have yet to encounter one in person. Unlike the usual form for … Continue reading

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