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The Knowledge Web, by James Burke: A Review

The Knowledge Web is a dizzying tour through the history of science and technology, yet thanks to its origins in the pre-“Information Age” culture of research and presentation, it generally succeeds as well as its predecessors, Connections and Connections 2. Why is … Continue reading

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Malice Aforethought, by Francis Iles: A Review

Being the “first” at something is sometimes assumed to mean that that “first” instance is also the “best” instance. Of course, some firsts are unequivocal. Take  Malice Aforethought (1931), which is widely considered the first of its kind in mystery … Continue reading

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Landscape with Dead Dons, by Robert Robinson: A Review

As settings go, many authors of mystery and detective stories have found the English university town of Oxford to be the perfect combination of familiar, beautiful, memorable, and sinister. What passions, resentments, and jealousies could be bottled up in the … Continue reading

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