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The Nomad of Time (The Warlord of the Air / The Land Leviathan / The Steel Tsar), by Michael Moorcock: A Review

Michael Moorcock is a name with which to conjure in certain circles. Prolific, inventive, and unpredictable, he is known as both a science fiction and fantasy author, and a literary author. Now in his mid-70s, he continues to intrigue audiences … Continue reading

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The Witch of the Low-Tide: An Edwardian Melodrama, by John Dickson Carr: A Review

Best-known for his immortal creations, Dr. Gideon Fell and Sir Henry Merrivale, John Dickson Carr is less recognized for his later novels, some of which rank among his most interesting work. These tales, among them The Bridge of Newgate (1950), … Continue reading

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1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed, by Eric Cline: A Review

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I was a big fan of documentaries when I was in my teens; it was one of the quirks of growing up in the household that I did. But one that made a lasting impression on … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne: A Review

Jules Verne is known as the one of the first writers of science fiction, penning imaginative tales before Wells, before Conan Doyle, and certainly before Edgar Rice Burroughs, and in one sense or another all of these latter three owe him … Continue reading

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Written in Dead Wax, by Andrew Cartmel: A Review

I set the mood to write this review somewhat more deliberately than usual. I made myself a cup of coffee and some toast with good marmalade, and carefully selected one of the few Everest classical LPs that I own (as … Continue reading

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