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If you enjoy what you read on my bibliomane blog, and through it have found a book that you’d like to own and read for yourself, then please consider using the links provided at the bottom of each review to purchase a copy of that book.

I provide links to, which is a site that I have used for many years (back to the days when it was called ‘Bibliofind,’ if I recall correctly). lists titles available from thousands of booksellers all around the world, and because of their reach, I can only think of a handful of instances where I simply couldn’t find a copy of something that I was seeking.

If you’re new to buying online, and looking for some guidance, I’ve written about that as well – check out some of my rules for online book buying.

If you can’t support a local independent shop, then at least allows you the next best thing: supporting someone else’s local, independent shop. I thank you for considering showing your support of this blog as well!

— Bill


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