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Best “Thinking Machine” Detective Stories, by Jacques Futrelle: A Review

At the turn of the 20th Century, detective stories were big business on both sides of the Atlantic. Authors and magazines alike were eager to cash in on the popularity of the genre, which had been given its first major … Continue reading

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The Man Who Was Thursday, by G.K. Chesterton: A Review

I didn’t really intend to re-read The Man Who Was Thursday, which I last read in the mid-90s. But I’ve spent the last week or so┬ámoving books around in one of those nightmarish shelving reorganizations, the kind which I think … Continue reading

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The President and the Assassin, by Scott Miller: A Review

America is a curiously a-historical place. It’s a land where in many cases things aged more┬áthan a generation are considered “old.” Structures are routinely razed to the ground and rebuilt, rather than being updated and retrofitted. The further to the … Continue reading

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The Boy Mineral Collectors, by Jay G. Kelley: A Wednesday Wreckage Review

Here’s the first Wednesday Wreckage, a new category where I critique a deserving / undeserving book that has raised my hackles, tickled my irritability, or otherwise annoyed me. I have a few fairly negative reviews in my quiver, but this … Continue reading

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