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Best “Thinking Machine” Detective Stories, by Jacques Futrelle: A Review

At the turn of the 20th Century, detective stories were big business on both sides of the Atlantic. Authors and magazines alike were eager to cash in on the popularity of the genre, which had been given its first major … Continue reading

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If I Were Boss: The Early Business Stories of Sinclair Lewis: A Review

Most serious book and literature people have a list of classics that they haven’t, for whatever reason, read yet. Some also have a second list, of titles that they should have read in school, and then later in life picked … Continue reading

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Frenzied Fiction, by Stephen Leacock: A Review

Stephen Leacock, the early 20th century Anglo-Canadian humourist, seems almost forgotten now, a century later… until you start to look around a bit. Admired by the likes of Jack Benny and Groucho Marx, among others, Leacock was incredibly popular in … Continue reading

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Starling of the White House, by Edmund Starling: A Review

As told to Thomas Sugrue, Starling of the White House recounts the time spent by the Colonel Edmund Starling on the Presidential protection detail of the Secret Service at the White House. Starling was brought to Washington D.C. as part of … Continue reading

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Shandygaff, by Christopher Morley: A Review

Though I had read some of Morley’s fiction in the past, this was my first time through his early volume of essays and stories. Published when Morley was twenty-eight, they have an odd feeling to them, as though being simultaneously … Continue reading

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Free Air, by Sinclair Lewis: A Review

Free Air, Lewis’ 1919 novel adapted from a magazine serial, is the story of Claire Boltwood, a Brooklyn society girl. In a fit of indecision over marriage to a young man of promising prospects called Jeff Saxton, Claire has lured her … Continue reading

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The Lost World & The Poison Belt and Other Stories, by Arthur Conan Doyle: Combined Reviews

The Lost World In The Lost World (originally published in 1912), we first encounter another of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s durable creations, the irrascible and pompous (but admittedly brilliant, even if the admission is made by himself) Professor George Edward Challenger. … Continue reading

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