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Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited, by Aldous Huxley: A Review

Brave New World holds one of those distinctive places in literature, that of a book that people “know,” in some sense, even if they haven’t read it. Like its colleague in dystopian imaginings, 1984, Brave New World is a book … Continue reading

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The Devil in Velvet, by John Dickson Carr: A Review

If you were to choose any book from John Dickson Carr’s lengthy career, 1951’s The Devil in Velvet would prove a most mis-leading starting point. For while it is classic Carr, with none of the faults of some of his earliest … Continue reading

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Faintly Speaking, by Gladys Mitchell: A Review

I sometimes read other reviews in preparation for writing my own. There are several reasons for this: I like to check to make certain that I haven’t missed something blindingly obvious that all other readers have caught. Equally, I already … Continue reading

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Fire, Burn! by John Dickson Carr: A Review

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, John Dickson Carr is well-remembered for his locked-room puzzles, his sometimes-whimsical, sometimes-haunting mysteries, and his entertaining detectives, Dr. Gideon Fell and (written under the nom de plume of Carter Dickson) Sir Henry Merrivale. Together, … Continue reading

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So Close to Home, by James Blish: A Review

Some of the first science fiction that I read, in my youth, consisted of the twelve volumes of adaptations of the original series of Star Trek, as written, almost exclusively, by American science fiction writer James Blish. So while I … Continue reading

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Ace Double: The 100th Millennium / Edge of Time: A Review

The Ace Double Novels were one of those curious phenomena in American publishing. I’m sure there must be other examples of similar books from other countries, but I have yet to encounter one in person. Unlike the usual form for … Continue reading

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Mrs. Bridge, by Evan S. Connell: A Review

My callow youth probably went on for longer than it should have done. In an early part of it, I worked in a mall bookshop in the Kansas City area while I went to college nearby. I’ve always loved books, … Continue reading

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