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Antidote to Venom, by Freeman Wills Crofts: A Review

I’ll admit my shallowness when I say that the first thing that attracted me to the British Library Crime Classics reprint series was their covers, specifically, those of the John Bude tales, which reproduced the beautiful railway travel posters of … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles, by Agatha Christie: A Review

While I’ve read and enjoyed many other of the Golden Age detective story writers, I’ve always had a problem with Agatha Christie. Not a huge problem, just that I don’t find myself drawn to her books with anywhere near the delight … Continue reading

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Fatal Descent, by John Rhode and Carter Dickson: A Short Review

Fatal Descent was originally published in 1939, and has been occasionally, but infrequently, reprinted since that date. It took me a long time to plough through this somewhat interesting, but ultimately unsatisfying tale, so long, in fact, that I rather … Continue reading

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A Heritage of Stars, by Clifford D. Simak: A Short Review

It’s an unfortunate indication of the quality of this novel that it took me a week to get through it. Yes, I was doing other things and reading other books, but it is still indicative of the sometimes less-than-stellar quality of … Continue reading

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The Pluto Files, by Neil de Grasse Tyson: A Review

There are two parts to the story of the world called Pluto in the 21st century. One part revolves around human decisions on Earth about what does, and does not, make a planet. The second part is focused on a … Continue reading

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Johnson’s Life of London, by Boris Johnson: A Review

I felt guilty even buying this book, in all honesty. Putting yet more money into the coffers of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson seems like a foolish way to spend one’s hard-won farthings. On the other hand, I was in … Continue reading

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