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Late and Cold, by Malcolm Torrie: A Review

The second of Gladys Mitchell’s Timothy Herring mysteries once again dips into the worlds of architectural restoration and murder, this time set against a backdrop of the ruined Welsh castle of Nanradoc, in the vicinity of the venerable Snowdon itself. … Continue reading

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1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed, by Eric Cline: A Review

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I was a big fan of documentaries when I was in my teens; it was one of the quirks of growing up in the household that I did. But one that made a lasting impression on … Continue reading

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Best “Thinking Machine” Detective Stories, by Jacques Futrelle: A Review

At the turn of the 20th Century, detective stories were big business on both sides of the Atlantic. Authors and magazines alike were eager to cash in on the popularity of the genre, which had been given its first major … Continue reading

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Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach: A Short Review

I received a postcard from a publisher recently, and the advertised content, I have to say, was not as interesting to me as the postage that they used to send it. Instead of a boring postage meter, or one of … Continue reading

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The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn, by Colin Dexter: A Review

Re-reading the Inspector Morse books in order, most readers will be conscious of a definite datedness not only to the style, but to the portrayal of the characters of both Morse and his long-suffering foil, Sergeant Lewis. It is odd to … Continue reading

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Rocks and Minerals (Smithsonian Handbooks), by Chris Pellant: A Review

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life with a variety of different field guides, especially mineralogy field guides. In fact, I’ve already reviewed the first one that I ever owned elsewhere. Furthermore, if I run across a new one … Continue reading

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Last Bus to Woodstock, by Colin Dexter: A Review

Last Bus to Woodstock is the first of Dexter’s thirteen Morse mysteries. It introduces Thames Valley’s Chief Inspector Morse and his long-suffering Sergeant, Lewis (he is only christened years later). If readers are approaching the novel having seen the 1980s-90s ITV production, … Continue reading

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