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The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne: A Review

Jules Verne is known as the one of the first writers of science fiction, penning imaginative tales before Wells, before Conan Doyle, and certainly before Edgar Rice Burroughs, and in one sense or another all of these latter three owe him … Continue reading

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The Humanoid Touch, by Jack Williamson: A Review

Sequels are tricky coves. There was a time, not too long ago, when a novel might have been expected to stand on its own, much as The Humanoids did for over thirty years [see my earlier review]. Great novels were … Continue reading

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Bodies in a Bookshop, by R.T. Campbell: A Review

I’ve mentioned my quest for lost classics of the mystery genre before. Well, perhaps “quest” is overstating the matter… let’s call it a “casual search.” I’m generally on the look-out for mysteries that I’ve never encountered before, or authors of … Continue reading

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The Eight of Swords, by John Dickson Carr: A Review

I am and will remain a fan of John Dickson Carr’s works, but The Eight of Swords feels very much like an earlier effort in the Gideon Fell series (for the record, it’s the fourth novel to feature the good doctor, published in … Continue reading

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The Horn of Mortal Danger, by Lawrence Leonard: A Short Review

I’m not making it a habit on this blog to review what little juvenile literature that I read (although there will be a few exceptions to this rule), but The Horn of Mortal Danger is such a curious tale. I’m … Continue reading

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An Oxford Tragedy, by J.C. Masterman: A Review

A slow, “philosophical” detective story set in the fictional St. Thomas’ College, An Oxford Tragedy features a single murder and a rather languorous pace taken to reach the solution. Originally published in 1933 and written, as the back cover of the Dover … Continue reading

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What’s Going On? by Mark Steel: A Review

Sometimes, it’s the little things that are the most trying, those things which finally lead up to one calamitous, almighty explosion. Mark Steel, perhaps best known for his comedy lectures on BBC Radio 4, is one of those comics which … Continue reading

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