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The Pluto Files, by Neil de Grasse Tyson: A Review

There are two parts to the story of the world called Pluto in the 21st century. One part revolves around human decisions on Earth about what does, and does not, make a planet. The second part is focused on a … Continue reading

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The Neptune File, by Tom Standage: A Review

For the majority of human history, astronomers and scholars and even astrologers (yes, definitely astrologers) have only been aware of what are called the “Classical planets.” These were the objects in the night sky (named from the Greek planetes, “wanderer”) … Continue reading

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The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide (Revised Edition), by Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer: A Review

In another incarnation of another life, I used to work in a sort of hobby store which sold, among other things, telescopes. When I started work there, I knew little to nothing about the intricacies of magnification and filters, but … Continue reading

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