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Written in Dead Wax, by Andrew Cartmel: A Review

I set the mood to write this review somewhat more deliberately than usual. I made myself a cup of coffee and some toast with good marmalade, and carefully selected one of the few Everest classical LPs that I own (as … Continue reading

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The Fabulous Phonograph, 1877-1977, by Roland Gelatt: A Review

The 1977 reissue of Roland Gelatt’s 1950s book on the history of the phonograph is a fascinating voyage through the comparatively short history of recorded sound. Unfortunately, stopping as it does in 1977, the book does not cover the digital … Continue reading

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Do Not Sell at Any Price, by Amanda Petrusich: A Short Review

Petrusich’s Do Not Sell at Any Price, a book about the search for rare blues recordings from the era of 78RPM records (78s were made obsolete with the 1948 introduction of the long-playing record), is¬†generally well-written effort, but a little … Continue reading

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