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Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire, A 500-Year History, by Kurt Andersen: A Review

I came to Andersen’s book not knowing much about it. Honestly, I cannot even recall why I first ordered the book, perhaps I saw it discussed on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show? Regardless, having read it, I am pleased that I did … Continue reading

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Better Off Without ‘Em, by Chuck Thompson: A Review

Sometimes, the picture that you draw from reading an author’s book is just as compelling as the book itself. In this case, both Chuck Thompson and his book come off as the sort of boy that we all knew at … Continue reading

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What’s Going On? by Mark Steel: A Review

Sometimes, it’s the little things that are the most trying, those things which finally lead up to one calamitous, almighty explosion. Mark Steel, perhaps best known for his comedy lectures on BBC Radio 4, is one of those comics which … Continue reading

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America: A User’s Guide, by Simon Hoggart: A Review

When do current events become history? At some point in my education, I heard the figure of “twenty-five years” bandied about as the crucial length of time that needed to pass, and that number has always stuck with me. Since … Continue reading

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Talk to the Hand, by Lynne Truss: A Review

Having completed reading Lynne Truss’s book, I’ve found that I must choose between two possibilities; either I am becoming increasingly intolerant and grumpy as I, too, grow older, or that she is right. I don’t want to think that I am … Continue reading

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The English: A Portrait of a People, by Jeremy Paxman: A Review

Jeremy Paxman, formerly the bulldog of the BBC’s Newsnight but as of this writing relegated elsewhere, wrote this book about the mythical “Bulldog breed”over fifteen years ago, in the opening years of the brave new world of Tony Blair’s “New Labour” … Continue reading

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