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The Horn of Mortal Danger, by Lawrence Leonard: A Short Review

I’m not making it a habit on this blog to review what little juvenile literature that I read (although there will be a few exceptions to this rule), but The Horn of Mortal Danger is such a curious tale. I’m … Continue reading

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A Long Walk to Wimbledon, by H.R.F. Keating: A Review

“Wife, wife, bane of my life.” If you were to take a map of London and trace the distance between Highgate and Wimbledon, you’d find that it isn’t all that far. Google Maps makes it out to be a walk … Continue reading

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Johnson’s Life of London, by Boris Johnson: A Review

I felt guilty even buying this book, in all honesty. Putting yet more money into the coffers of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson seems like a foolish way to spend one’s hard-won farthings. On the other hand, I was in … Continue reading

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