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Deaths on Pleasant Street, by Giles Fowler: A Review

Before the review begins, a little bit of historical groundwork must be laid out for readers. Swope Park is the crown jewel of Kansas City, Missouri’s parks system, as the park’s website immediately tells readers. The site goes on to … Continue reading

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Mrs. Bridge, by Evan S. Connell: A Review

My callow youth probably went on for longer than it should have done. In an early part of it, I worked in a mall bookshop in the Kansas City area while I went to college nearby. I’ve always loved books, … Continue reading

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The New Madrid Earthquakes, by James Penick, Jr.: A Short Review

When you think of earthquakes in the United States, do you tend to think of Missouri? “The earthquakes began about two o’clock on the morning of Monday, 16 December 1811.” With this stark beginning, James Penick describes in The New … Continue reading

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Roadside Geology of Missouri, by Charles Spencer: A Review

Published in 2011, one of the more recent entries in Mountain Press’ venerable Roadside Geology series, Roadside Geology of Missouri fills a gap in the literature of Missouri geology and field guides. While previous volumes in the same field, like A.G. Unklesbay’s … Continue reading

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