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Rocks and Minerals (Smithsonian Handbooks), by Chris Pellant: A Review

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life with a variety of different field guides, especially mineralogy field guides. In fact, I’ve already reviewed the first one that I ever owned elsewhere. Furthermore, if I run across a new one … Continue reading

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Snowball Earth, by Gabrielle Walker: A Review

A good, solidly written book with no major flaws of composition, Snowball Earth tells the story of Paul Hoffman, an irascible geologist behind a new theory of the role played by geology and climate to kickstart the development of complex life on … Continue reading

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Rocks and Minerals, by Herbert S. Zim: A Review

The Rocks and Minerals Golden Guide was one of my first rock and mineral books when I was quite young, and it holds a fondly-lit place in my memory for that reason, certainly. Nostalgia is a powerful trap, and one of … Continue reading

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The New Madrid Earthquakes, by James Penick, Jr.: A Short Review

When you think of earthquakes in the United States, do you tend to think of Missouri? “The earthquakes began about two o’clock on the morning of Monday, 16 December 1811.” With this stark beginning, James Penick describes in The New … Continue reading

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Assembling California, by John McPhee: A Review

Assembling California is the fourth volume of John McPhee’s books chronicling the geology and geologists of North America, collectively titled Annals of the Former World. While describing the continent from the far eastern extent of Interstate 80 to its western terminus … Continue reading

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American Mineral Treasures, edited by Gloria A. Staebler and Wendell E. Wilson: A Review

It’s not always easy to meet fellow mineral collectors. For what used to be such an inclusive and welcoming hobby (or was that just how it felt to me?), a lot of people you meet — at clubs, in rock shops, … Continue reading

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Roadside Geology of Missouri, by Charles Spencer: A Review

Published in 2011, one of the more recent entries in Mountain Press’ venerable Roadside Geology series, Roadside Geology of Missouri fills a gap in the literature of Missouri geology and field guides. While previous volumes in the same field, like A.G. Unklesbay’s … Continue reading

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