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Fifty Minerals That Changes the Course of History, by Eric Chaline: A Review

There should be a good deal to like in a book that promises to review the minerals that have changed the course of history. Minerals, and mineralogy as a science, have led to countless developments in human history, and there … Continue reading

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Minerals: Nature’s Fabulous Jewels, by Arthur Court & Ian Campbell, with Photographs by M. Halberstadt: A Review

As someone who is renewing his somewhat desultory efforts to write a popular book about mineralogy, I’m always interested to find a book that I didn’t previously know about in this rather esoteric genre. I have found several books in … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to Topaz and Associated Minerals of the Thomas Range, Utah (Topaz Mountain), Volume 1: by John Holfert et alia: A Short Review

Topaz is one of those beautiful minerals which, at its best, is water clear and appears in many different colours, including a pale blue, a delicate yellow and a watery light brown vaguely reminiscent of a nice dry sherry. As … Continue reading

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Rocks and Minerals (Smithsonian Handbooks), by Chris Pellant: A Review

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life with a variety of different field guides, especially mineralogy field guides. In fact, I’ve already reviewed the first one that I ever owned elsewhere. Furthermore, if I run across a new one … Continue reading

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Rocks and Minerals, by Herbert S. Zim: A Review

The Rocks and Minerals Golden Guide was one of my first rock and mineral books when I was quite young, and it holds a fondly-lit place in my memory for that reason, certainly. Nostalgia is a powerful trap, and one of … Continue reading

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The Boy Mineral Collectors, by Jay G. Kelley: A Wednesday Wreckage Review

Here’s the first Wednesday Wreckage, a new category where I critique a deserving / undeserving book that has raised my hackles, tickled my irritability, or otherwise annoyed me. I have a few fairly negative reviews in my quiver, but this … Continue reading

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American Mineral Treasures, edited by Gloria A. Staebler and Wendell E. Wilson: A Review

It’s not always easy to meet fellow mineral collectors. For what used to be such an inclusive and welcoming hobby (or was that just how it felt to me?), a lot of people you meet — at clubs, in rock shops, … Continue reading

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